Virtual PC 7 for the Macintosh with G5 support has been released!

See the Microsoft VPC page for details. It's just in time to use with a new iMac G5! Some of the highlights of the release include:

  • G5 support (duh!)
  • Ships with Windows XP SP2
  • Some nice performance improvements, including making better use of the GPU
  • Zero configuration printing (if using Panther) - setting up printers used to be a major pain. Now, it's seamless, thanks to help from Panther's Postscript to PDF functionality
  • Refined UI - the preference and other UI has been refined to be easier to use
  • Usability improvements - various improvements were made in the setup and basic usage based on usability testing

Comments (3)

  1. BlueSkyIS says:

    Released to publishing, yes. Can you get it now, no…unfortunately.

  2. Steve says:

    It’s a real shame that MS choose not to give a free/cheap upgrade for people who had to buy v6.1 whilst they waited for the delayed v7.

  3. JD on MX says:

    New MS Virtual PC for Mac: Runs Windows apps on Macintosh. Newness includes a Windows XP SP2 security model and G5 support. More, and questions, at Dan Crevier’s blog….

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