Another option for syncing Entourage data with the Address Book and iCal

I previously mentioned Paul Berkowitz's scripts for syncing your Entourage data with Apple's applications (and therefore to all of the devices that iSync supports). There's now another solution from PocketMac called Go Between. It's an iSync plugin that syncs with Entourage. Somehow PocketMac has figured out how to write iSync adapters even though that information is not publically available. It looks pretty cool!

Comments (4)

  1. D9 says:

    Bummer… no demo! Hard to want to pony up $25 bucks and you can’t test it out first to make sure it works.

  2. KershMan says:

    It works. I bought it today instead of shelling out $40 for Berkowitz’s two scripts. The hardest thing was getting the cateogories in Entourage 2004, iCal, and Addressbook to match. Once I renamed what was in iCal (calendars) and Address Book (groups) to match their respective cateogories in Entourage it worked like a charm. I am very pleased.

  3. NW says:

    It didn’t work for me. Tasks from Entourage X appeared in iCal as empty to-do entries (no data – no description, no date, nothing). Subsequent attempts to sort it out partly screwed up my Entourage X database. Address Book and Calendar items synced perfectly, so it could be only a minor glitch, although it’s caused me all sorts of problems. Waiting to hear from Customer Support now… iSync ‘Revert to last sync’ largely saved the day for me, so suggest you run a full iSync and take a copy of your Entourage database before trying GoBetween.

  4. Dan Crevier says:

    Similar issues have been reported on versiontracker: <;.

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