Mac Office 2004 Test Drive available

The Mac Office 2004 test drive is available at Mactopia. I'm very excited that Office 2004 is finally getting into the hands of customers after spending a couple of years working on it. Interacting with customers and seeing their excitement is one of the things I love most about my job. The Entourage-Talk mailing list has a great community of Entourage users and the MVPs are fantastic! See the Entourage MVP web site for details.

It's always hard when you are working on something and you know it won't get into the hands of customers for years. Wait a minute, I'm working on Longhorn now. Hmmm.... 🙂

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  1. David R. says:

    Office 2004 is very cool, but I have a super simple question… why in the world would font smoothing preferences not be respected. Even worse why are the prefs not respected of non-bold fonts and respected for bold fonts. This might seem like a little thing but I read my mail in a fixed width font (I get lots of tabular data) and fixed width fonts almost always look horrible when smoothed…


    It’s the simple things that drive you nuts.

  2. Dan Crevier says:

    There’s some information here:, and you can google for more.

  3. FRED says:

    Hi Dan,

    How exciting to get a new major program like Office 2004. As soon as I got out, I grabbed a copy. It sure has some interface improvements in both Word and Entourage. But maybe I’m wrong, but this release still smells like it is a late beta.

    Here’s why.

    Entourage : you can display the preview pane UNDER the list of your mails. If you do so, you can’t fold/unfold the "Today", "Yesterday"… folders. But you can do it if the preview pane is displayed on the right of the message list. This is really not to be believed !

    Word : font management is simply HORRIBLE !!!!!! I work on long documents (300 pages) with a lot of my own style sheets. And I use some "exotic fonts" from Adobe and Emigre. If I use the Emigre "MrsEaves" (one of my favourite), the spaces between words doesn’t show up properly, giving the impression that the whole line is a single word. Useless… Try to insert a non breakable space after an Adobe font ! What’s the result ? The font automatically changes to "Times New Roman", even though the default font is another one and if the style sheet says "Font : Adobe Garamond". As I insert a lot of non-breakable spaces to call a footnote, and I insert about 3 footnotes for each page, this makes Word 2004 simply useless to me. I emphazise the fact that this did not occur in Office v. X. That’s why I trashed Office 2004 and reinstalled my copy of Office v. X. And I’ll stick to it until Microsoft releases a patch to have better font management.

    Sorry I can’t share your thrill about Office 2004 🙁

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