Good press for Mac Office 2004

Time online edition says:

My verdict: Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac is clearly superior to its PC counterpart for most users. Last fall Microsoft put out a bloated update of Office for Windows that focused more on collaborating with other users than on making it easier for you to get your own work done. The streamlined Office for Mac puts individuals first.

I spent over two years of my life on this, so it feels great to get such good feedback, and I'm proud of what we achieved with Mac Office 2004. However, I do feel the Win Office bashing is a bit unfair. The improvements in Outlook 2003 are incredible and help me get my work done more efficiently every day. And, I believe that collaboration is an area of interest to many users. In a corporate environment, you rarely work on a document by yourself. But, Win Office will hopefully steal some of our Mac Office features for their next version 🙂


Comments (4)

  1. Sean says:

    Hey, great for Mac users! I do agree that Outlook 2003 is leaps and bounds ahead of any previous version and I hope some of it’s features make it into the Entourage (I’m happy that the wide-screen view made it!). Congratulations.

  2. charles tully says:

    Mac Office has been a fantastic product since Office 98. Each iteration has been better and better and from what I’ve seen 2004 will be a nice polish. But as someone who switches back and forth from Office Mac to Office for Windows all day long, I totally agree with the bashing of the windows product.

    I always find the Windows version obtrusive interfering with my work instead of just letting me do what I need to do. And then the windows machines at work crash whereas my Mac never crashes ever. The problem with the collaboration tools on the windows side is that I don’t collaborate the program expects me to. For people in this office they were more of a hassle than they were worth. We don’t use them. I agree Outlook 2003 is a better, but it has a l o n g way to go. Actually even Entourage (which I love) is showing it’s age. Gmail seems to be doing some innovative thinking re: mail. I especially like instant searching… I just wish I was searching/storing locally…

    Anyway I’m happy Office 2004 is getting good press. Feature-wise it’s not terribly exciting to me but it will be nice to see some long-standing Entourage and Word bugs cleared up. I’m sure Win Office will get better… too bad it has to run under Windows.

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