A9 – Amazon’s new search engine

Amazon is entering the search engine space with A9. They have the 7 reasons A9 is cool. There are some cool features:

  • You can search books - this is a cool bridge between the collection of the knowledge on the web and the collection of information in books.
  • They display info on sites, in a floating window, and you can tunnel to an area on Amazon with more site info including reviews.
  • Your search history roams including which results you've visited
  • They've got a toolbar, like everyone else.

I can actually see myself switching to this as my primary search engine. The search results are powered by Google.

Comments (2)

  1. Joku says:

    Yes cool indeed. I pulled a few books and entered some odd variable names from code samples in the books and it found the right books. But this was not really surprise considering how much of IT books are electronic anyway. I doubt they have full content of EVERY book they sell available, but who knows??

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