Longhorn scoping

Jeremy Mazner posts on the Longhorn scoping. In his posts, he notes the lack of posts by other Microsoft bloggers on the subject. I have to admit, it's in the realm of topics I've avoided because I'm not sure what is or is not public.

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  1. Joku says:

    A quick Googly like "term here" site:blogs.msdn.com should reveal if it's already been discussed and how much. But OTOH some have been a bit tired of the LH hype that's calmed down a bit right now, so it's not all bad, giving perhaps bit more time to post about present topics. VS2005 "hype" has been really big atleast if you actively follow MS developer channels and events, but lot of the VS2005 features aim the type of dev which probably doesn't follow so actively. I still hear people asking if E&C is coming..

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