Google is launching webmail tomorrow (called gmail)

You get 1 GB of storage, and fast searching (of course). This should be interesting.

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  1. rentzsch says:

    Read the <a href="">actual press release</a>. Check the press release date.

  2. Dan Crevier says:

    Do you really think it’s an April Fool’s thing? Doesn’t seem funny enough…

  3. matthew says:

    dude, no-one is giving away 1gb of storage. Of course it’s an April Fool!!!

    But they did at least take the time to register the domain, which shows some attention to detail

  4. ok I messed it up just like the first guy sorry…

  5. a. says:

    yeah, and today is the 1st of April. ;]

  6. Dan Crevier says:

    It looks like it was *not* a April fool’s thing. That’s the danger of a press release on 4/1.

    Google stores tons of stuff for their web and image searches. It seems reasonable to me that they could innovate in that area for mail.

  7. goloz says:

    They must be up with their service soon, if their competitors let him go of…

  8. Jimbo Jones says:

    when r they actually gonna release g-mail, i want ma adres!

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