The Longhorn People & Groups platform

As mentioned in my Introduction post, I've recently joined the team responsible for the people & groups platform on Longhorn. I was searching around to see what information is out there already on it. MSDN has a good overview article here. The PDC information is also available. There is a PowerPoint overview of the platform here.

What do people think of the platform? What excites you? What do you want to know more about? What would you change? What's missing? We started talking about the Longhorn features early to make sure we have plenty of time to incorporate feedback. We'd love to hear from you. 

[Update: Fixed link to MSDN article - Thanks Chris]

Comments (7)

  1. Chris Hanson says:

    Dan, your second link points the same place as the first, not to the MSDN article.

  2. josh ledgard says:

    If you solve the problems I talked about here:

    I’ll be a big fan.

  3. Dan Crevier says:

    Thanks for the post Josh. I’d missed your blog entry. I’ve now subscribed to your blog in Newsgator, so it won’t happen again 🙂

    This is exactly the problem we are trying to solve with the P&G platform on Longhorn by providing a platform to meet the needs of those ISV’s and by using an open sync architecture to allow that data to easily flow to other places. Your problem will not be solved unless the platform is adopted though, and that’s why we need to hear from people writing applications if the platform will meet their needs, and if not, what we can do about it.

  4. Robb Beal says:


    Has MS considered sharing governance of this API with a group of interested MS ISV’s?

    If I were a Windows ISV, I’d insist on shared governance in return for my investment in implementing the API. Otherwise, I’d simply work with other ISV’s on direct manipulation trading of vCard/FOAF files.


  5. Robb Beal says:

    What do you think, Dan?

  6. Dan Crevier says:

    I apologize for not replying sooner. I’m not sure I understand your comment. This doesn’t have much relationship to vCard/FOAF files. It has to do with where you store your contacts. Why do you feel the need for shared governance for this platform feature over others?

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