Mac Office 2004 demo is now online

There's now a slick online demo of Mac Office 2004 here. It includes a nice demo of the Project Center, which I talked about in my previous post.


Comments (3)

  1. Really cool demo. I wonder why there is so many disparity in the featureset between Office 2003 and Mac Office 2004. It appears that the Mac Team is producing tons more "productivity" features in Microsoft’s premier productivity suite. Wonder if the features demoed in Office 2004 will find their way into a Windows version? Perhaps Office 12?

  2. More importantly, it demos the three column view. That’s the best feature ever. 🙂

  3. Dan Crevier says:

    There used to be complete feature parity (remember Word 6?). Microsoft realized that it needs to focus on the unique Mac customer needs for Mac Office during feature planning. There are several examples of features that showed up in Mac Office first, and then in Windows Office. File compatibility is always key though. Rick Schaut posted an execellent entry on his blog about Word 6 and the lessons learned:

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