I've been hoping to start a blog for a while now, but don't want to be one of those people that starts one and never posts to it... I think I'm actually ready to keep it up!

I've been at Microsoft for 6 years, and until 2 months ago, I was in the Macintosh Business Unit. I started off working on Outlook Express (after working with several other future Microsoft employees like jud spencer and Dave Cortright on Claris Emailer). That's also where I started working with the famous Omar Shahine. After that, I worked on Entourage, the Outlook-like PIM client for the Mac that evolved from Entourage. (The history of the mail clients on the Macs and their names is very confusing!) I became Development Manager 3 years ago, managing developement of Entourage, PowerPoint, IE, the Mac MSN client, and most recently, Virtual PC. As Development Manager, I continued to write lots of code. I've also been very passionate about e-mail, and communications in general. In high school, I ran a BBS I wrote in BASIC on my Atari 800 XL. Those were the good ol' days 🙂

After 6 fun years writing Mac software for the Macintosh (and many years of Mac development before that), I got the itch to learn new things. There's lots of really exciting stuff going on in the company, and I always felt a bit removed from it in at our California campus. Well, a couple of months ago, I took the plunge. My wife and I threw our 4 cats in the car and moved up to the beautiful Northwest. I'm now working on Longhorn as part of the Windows Shell team. I'm now a Software Architect on the ConnectUX team, where we work on the People and Groups platform features and a bunch of collaboration and communication features. I'm working with a some great people, like Walter SmithAmar Ghandi, Jon Perlow, Oliver Fisher and Kevin Moore. I've been having lots of fun so far, and am learning a ton of stuff (with no threat of running out of stuff to learn soon). I hope to share some of that soon!


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  1. Me says:

    As Development Manager for the Mac BU, can you explain why MSN Messenger doesn’t have the same features as the Windows version, audio and video most importantly. Also why does WMP9 not support DRM for the music stores on the Mac?

  2. Dan Crevier says:

    WMP for the Mac is not developed by MacBU, so I cannot give any insight on the DRM questions. As for Messenger, A/V support has long been on our wish list, and it all comes down to how to best use our limited resources to deliver on the wide set of customer demands.

  3. Andy Ruff says:

    Welcome to blogging! I’m looking forwared to some great stuff here.

  4. I concur. We should build WinFS onto the Mac and call it WLM. And use lots of Hungarian.

  5. macfixer says:

    "I worked on Entourage, the Outlook-like PIM client for the Mac that evolved from Entourage."


    And Entourage begat Entourage?


  6. Dan Crevier says:

    Oops. Evolved from Outlook Express…

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