64-bit support in Tiger

Apple recently posted an article on 64-bit support in Tiger. It looks like only a few libraries are available in 64-bit, so you can’t make GUI apps that use a 64-bit address space. However, you can make a 32-bit GUI app that uses your favorite form of interprocess communication to talk to a UI-less 64-bit…


Microsoft acquires anti-spyware company Giant

Press release here. A beta is supposed to be released within a month. This is great news, spyware is such a nasty problem. It’s unfortunate that we have to spend time thinking about problems like this…


Error handling in Microsoft SQL stored procedures is gross!

I’m doing some SQL stored procedure programming for the first time. The error handling is really, really primitive. T-SQL uses lots of global variables, which makes things really complex. For example, if you do an UPDATE, @@ROWCOUNT has the number of rows affected, and @@ERROR has the error code. However, if you look at @@ROWCOUNT,…


Generating an RSS feed with XmlSerializer, ASP.NET and C#

I wanted to play around with creating a simple RSS feed from an ASP.NET page. I looked around for existing solutions. Any searches involving RSS are a bit hopeless, but I found Jason Salas’ RSS server control. It’s nice because you can easily hook it up to a SQL source. I didn’t need that though,…


New MSN Toolbar including Desktop search now available!

Read more and watch the video at channel9 or just download it from http://beta.toolbar.msn.com/. I’ve been dogfooding it for a while and it works great!

The best UI for reading blogs

Dare Obasajo recently posted about the drawbacks of Outlook style UI for reading blogs. He says it’s because Outlook has the assumption that you want to read every message. I have a slightly different take on it. I get plenty of email I don’t read 🙂 I originally did most of my blog reading using…


My first patent!

Speaking of auto complete, I got my first patent! It’s some email address autocomplete stuff from my MacOE days. You can read it here if you have nothing better to do.


Google Suggest is cool!

Google labs released Google Suggest today. It basically does auto complete as you type in your search, showing you different options and how many results each has. It looks like it’ll be useful when you don’t know the best terms to use, or how to spell something 🙂 It’s also interesting to see what bubbles…


New C# features – my criteria for evaluation

I’ve been gaining experience with some of the new C# 2.0 features and am planning to post on a few of them. Before jumping in, I wanted to give my criteria for evaluating them. Readability – Readability == maintainability, and this is one of the most important factors to me. Writing maintainable code is incredibly…