All is new in December

Ah – where to start? We have created a whole new developer experience for Windows Azure. From Signup, over SDK support up until Billing, our systems have received a full refresh. At the same time, we’ve also adjusted down some of our pricing. All the details can be found here: However, I’d like to…


Updated SDKs and Training Kit

Hi there, we have some updated SDKs (the Windows Azure SDK and the Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK) plus a fresh version of our Platform Training Kit available for you here:


New Servicing options for your Windows Azure in-place-upgrades

There are now new options for performing an in-place upgrade for hosted Windows Azure services. These now include: Change the virtual machine size (scale-up or scale-down) Increase local storage Add or remove roles to a deployment Change the number or type of endpoints This means that there are now virtually no pressing needs left over…


New Platform Training Kit, Updated Service Bus Features and Reduced Storage Price

A bunch of fresh announcements came out – some technical, one on the pricing side: The Updated October Release for the Platform Training Kit is out – get it here: October Platform Training Kit Service Bus has received a long awaited feature of load-balancing across endpoint listeners. Great for high availability, more information in this…


Demonstrating ASP.NET+SQL App Migration to Windows Azure

Quite a number of times, I have been asked how hard it actually is to move an existing ASP.NET+SQL Server application over to Windows Azure. My response to this is generally the a classic "it depends" – provided there are no major pitfalls in the application architecture, it is a straight-forward exercise to perform this…


Blob Download bug in Azure SDK 1.5 fixed – please update!

For all of you  building Windows Azure solutions based on SDK 1.5, please see this blog post and update your projects accordingly: The fixed version of the SDK is 1.5.20928.1904, so please check your installs and update as soon as you can if you are on a lower version. Impacted functions are DownloadToStream, DownloadToFile,…


Windows Azure Marketplace now available with Transaction Support for Singapore

To all Partners in Singapore: The Windows Azure Marketplace now features Commerce functionality for Singapore and 25 other countries, so if you’re from Singapore, you can now not only list your Windows Azure applications on the Marketplace, but also directly sell it through that portal. Get ready for some serious global business! You can…


Preview version of “The Developers Guide to AppFabric” by Alan Smith

Alan Smith is currently working on a great document detailing on how to use Windows Azure AppFabric from a developers perspective. You can find it here: as a free download in PDF or CHM format. While the guide is still work in progress, the existing sections are very well illustrated and give a good…


What will my solution on Windows Azure cost?

A question that I get quite frequently from developers looking into the Windows Azure platform is “What will my application cost me?”. The response to this actually consists of two parts: Understanding the resource requirements of the application and Applying Windows Azure pricing to those requirements The first part is only loosely coupled with Windows…


Friction-Free 30 day Windows Azure Pass

For all new starters in the Windows Azure world – this is a zero-commitment offer to dip your toes into Windows Azure. The only caveat is that anything you put up there will vanish after the 30 days expire. Only one per person.