TechNet Creates Silverlight Application as Clearinghouse for Technology Resources

I’m a sucker for good technology and really useful  interfaces and applications – I just saw this post from the MSPress about the TechNet Desktop Player – not only will it be really useful for finding tech resources based on your role, but also if you set your zipcode in the setting it gets you…

Project Tuva: Richard Feynman is now available to all.

Project Tuva, an enhanced video player showcasing Richard Feynman’s “Messenger” lectures is available for all to try out.  It’s the way I’d like to view talks and related information – check it out.  Not only does it allow for web links, images, but it also integrates with the WorldWide Telescope control to help augment the…

Michael Jackson Memorial Concert Live in HD on the Web

Just heard that the Michael Jackson Memorial concert will be broadcast live in HD over the Web.  They will be using IIS Smooth Streaming and Silverlight, the technology that delivered on-demand video for the 2008 Sumer Olympics on Michael Jackson Memorial Concert | Sympatico / MSN inMusic

Out of this World – NASA – International Space Station Photosynth collections

NASA released some out of the world Photosynth collections today – highlighting the International Space Station (inside and out) and the next Mars Rover.  The photos by NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus really show off all the details of such a complex “flying machine” both internally and externally. Now I just need to find time to…


WorldWide Telescope – Busy couple of weeks – NASA and SilverLight

Yesterday the joint press release went out on the collaboration and Space Act Agreement we’re been working on with NASA for sometime.  We’re really excited about working with NASA to process many datasets like the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and make them available in WorldWide Telescope.  Having these images available in the TOAST (tesselated octahedral…

eclipse4SL: Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight

Just saw a posting that eclipse4SL – the Eclipse tools for Silverlight project is available. It is an eclipse plug-in that enables Eclipse developers to use the Eclipse IDE to create applications that run on the Microsoft Silverlight runtime platform. The purpose of this project is the creation of open source tools integrated with the…


Swearing-in Ceremony on the Web

It will be great to be able to watch the swearing-in ceremony from any computer on the internet.  That combine with CNN/Photosynth capturing The Moment of the oath should be pretty amazing – can’t wait to see that synth… How it Will Work We’ll take your photos from every angle, combine them with CNN’s professional…


Photosynth in Silverlight

Very neat to see a experimental Silverlight viewer for Photosynth. Here’s one synth I did while at SC08 of the MS Booth

Deep Photo at MS Pro Photo Summit

Really neat demo by Michael Cohen (MSR) of Deep Photo at the Pro Photo Summit – uses Virtual Earth and the 3D geometric information to create haze models and clear up images…wish I had that for many of my photos. Video: Virtual Earth Demo at Microsoft Pro Photo Summit [Thanks – LiveSide] Also check out…


DeepEarth – VE and Silverlight Deep Zoom

Just ran across he DeepEarth OpenSource community project on CodePlex – bringing SilverLight 2 Deep Zoom to Virtual Earth – it pans and zooms really smooth.  Test it out or check out the video