Fully data-constrained terrestrial carbon model – view and comment on the paper

If you’re interested in how carbon impacts the overall climate models – you’ll really be interested in the paper just published by Matthew Smith, et al – our Microsoft Researchers from our Computational Ecology and Environmental Science Group (CEES) in Cambridge England.  Not only can you view the paper, but can also provide comments and…

Achieving Climate Sustainability – Article in American Meteorological Society

Bill Gail has written a thoroughly thought provoking piece Achieving Climate Sustainability in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.  One of the things I really like about Bill is that he understands the challenge of climate sustainability and the intersection of the Earth system’s three fundamental components: physical, ecosystem, and human. Right now most…

Interesting Papers from MSR – Nov 2008

Papers from the November 2008 drop Microsoft Research I found quite interesting. Txt-it Notes: Paper Based Text Messaging Stuart Taylor – November 2008 Text messaging or SMS (Short Message Service) has be-come a ubiquitous form of communication, particularly amongst the younger generations. However, older members of society (and technophobes in general) are often excluded from…


Science Cribsheets from SEED Magazine

With all the activity in different science domains – I always keep an eye on the Science Cribsheets that SEED magazine puts out.   The latest, #16 is on Synthetic Biology…they’ve covered many topics from Stem Cells, Hurricanes, Climate Change, etc.    Seed: Cribsheet Technorati Tags: eScience,Cribsheets


OLAP and Scientific Data

While I’ve been pushing the ideas of using OLAP data cubes to evaluate scientific data for awhile, I thought it might be a good time to pull together some relevant papers and links. I believe OLAP is ideal to help analyze large quantities of data including time series information…making it easier for the scientist/researcher to…


Making Sense of Data Overload: An Innovative Approach to Progressive Data Analysis

It’s really good to see that the datamining work (ProDA) that Cyrus Shahabi of USC is getting more visibility – the use of wavelet compression is a really neat way to deal with large amounts of data and make it easy to see the trends…you can see why folks like Chevron were interested in it….


Introduction to Spatial Coordinate Systems: Flat Maps for a Round Planet

Always looking for interesting papers that educate you on domains – really enjoyed this paper… Introduction to Spatial Coordinate Systems: Flat Maps for a Round Planet SQL Server Technical Article Writers: Isaac Kunen Summary: This paper is an introduction to Earth-oriented coordinate systems, projections, models, and mapping. While not specific to any technology, this information…


[Papers] Supporting Finite Element Analysis with a Relational Database Backend; There is Life beyond Files

In a discussion I had today around ways to advance a scientific problem I was reminded of Jim Gray and Gerd Heber’s trilogy – Supporting Finite Element Analysis with a Relational Database Backend.  The three papers are really a good resource for understanding how databases can be used in scientific challenges. Part I: There is…


2008 Frontiers of Cancer Nanotechnology Symposium

Currently heading back from the 2008 Frontiers of Cancer Nanotechnology Symposium setup by GaTech and Emery University – I really enjoying going to this yearly symposium (my 3rd year) and am honored to be able to speak.  The symposium brings together researchers (materials, computing, cancer) and clinicians working on ways to improve the fight against…

[Paper] Statistical Resolution of Ambiguous HLA Typing Data

A MSR Tech Report is now available on Statistical Resolution of Ambiguous HLA Typing Data – Here’s the non-technical summary of the paper: At the core of the human adaptive immune response is the train-to-kill mechanism in which specialized immune cells are sensitized to recognize small peptides from foreign sources (e.g., from HIV virus or…