MSR Open Tools to Enhance Scientific Research Efforts Building on Science Commons Ontologies

At ETech 2009 today, the announcement went out that Science Commons in conjunction with MSR External Research released the source code to two Word 2007 add-ins to allow scientists to markup terms and phrases in their documents/papers with ontologies, such as the ones at  Some of this is based on previous collaboration with Phil…


NGO – Nonprofit Connection

Just ran across the NGO Connection site – this is the place for non-profit orgs in the scientific space to look into…. NGO Connection is an online resource for non-profit groups around the world that provides resources to help advance the causes of the NGOs. See for more information about Getting free and discounted…


January update to Science @ Microsoft

The January update to the Technical Computing @ Microsoft site ( is up: Spotlighting the SwissEx Collaboration with EPFL. A feature entitled “Determining Fundamental Principles of RNA Structure with Comparative Sequence Analysis” about Dr. Robin Gutell (University of Texas at Austin) and the MSR collaboration (Stuart Ozer) around the use of SQL Server. A highlight…


Supercomputing 07

Was at Supercomputing last week – overall the event went really well.  There was also a few announcements from the HPC team – the big one being the name and beta availability of Windows HPC Server 2008 and the new banners. Attended part of the Manycore and Multicore Computing: Architectures, Applications And Directions Workshop, which…


eScience group on Facebook

Early this week Savas and I were discussing social networking ideas and we decided to create a eScience group on Facebook to see if that would help bring the community together and share ideas.  Feel free to join


Social Bookmarking Tags for Windows Live Writer

Nice to see this feature added to Live Writer – especially since it also supports some many of tagging options…I’m even testing out Live Favorites Social Bookmarking Tags for Windows Live Writer I am not very good in keeping promises, but this time I will make an exception 🙂 I promised a while ago that…

Microsoft SharedView Beta

Very cool – a light weight way to share applications…brings me back to the NetMeeting days.. There is even integration with Word – could this be the way for academic papers to be written, such that they aren’t being emailed back and forth all the time. If a Microsoft Office Word document is being edited…