The Fourth Paradigm book now available in Portuguese

Earlier today I had the pleasure to give the kickoff talk for the release of The Fourth Paradigm book in Portuguese.  Being able to highlight the thinking’s of Jim Gray on which the book is based and the scientists who wrote articles for the book was a real privilege for me. Thousand years ago –…

Big Data and LINQ in CACM

Just read the The World According to LINQ article in October’s Communications of the ACM – Erik Meijer does a really good job describing LINQ and how it can be used with Big Data from my different data sources – ie. DBs, REST services and other unstructured data sources…also describes the mathematical foundations of LINQ…….

What’s an Albedo? (And Why You Should Care)

Here’s a really good article on KQED’s Climate Watch on Albedo and why it’s important in a warming planet – it’s also really good to see Jeff Dozier’s work highlighted in the article.   btw, last year Jeff was awarded the Jim Gray eScience Award, which recognizes innovators whose work has made an especially significant contribution…

The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery – Book Released

Today Microsoft Research announced the availability of the book – The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery.  The book focuses on the change of all sciences moving from observational, to theoretical, to computational and now to the 4th Paradigm – Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery.  This is based on Jim Gray’s insights captured via his final public talk…

TIME – WorldWideTelescope one of 50 Best Websites 2009

TIME magazine has the WorldWide Telescope WebClient (Silverlight) on their list of 50 Best Websites for 2009.  That puts WWT in with sites like Flickr, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Amazon, and even PhotoSynth – not bad for the very small team we have on it 🙂 WorldWideTelescope Like Google Earth for the heavens, WWT aggregates terabytes…

Adding quarters to the innovation machine

I really enjoyed Dan Reed’s latest posting – HPC: Making a Small Fortune – and the need for real innovation in this space, especially with the rise of new technologies – that’s part of the reason we looked at at combining HPC and Databases via the GrayWulf Project… HPC: Making a Small Fortune N.B. I…

New Tools Mobilize Local Data to Study Global Environmental Issues from Berkeley Lab

Here’s a really good article from the folks at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on the collaboration MSR has ongoing between LBL and the Berkeley Water Center.  It highlights the use of databases for scientific information as Catharine mentions… “One of the greatest challenges of the next century will be developing cyber-architectures that allow scientists to…


HPC – MPI.NET 1.0 Is Now Released…!

PhilPen has posted that the folks at Indiana University have released MPI.NET: High Performance C# library for Message Passing.  The runtime and source code are available for download as well as a Tutorial.  This should make it much easier for folks to use any .Net language to write MPI apps – I’m interested in seeing…


Science News to justify half a bar of chocolate per week – lowers risk of heart disease

I only wish the study coming out of the Moli-sani Project being run by Research Laboratories of the Catholic University in Campobasso recommended milk chocolate instead dark chocolate.  Sorry Snickers – Half A Bar Of Chocolate Per Week, But Just The Dark Kind, Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease | Scientific Blogging


Science Cribsheets from SEED Magazine

With all the activity in different science domains – I always keep an eye on the Science Cribsheets that SEED magazine puts out.   The latest, #16 is on Synthetic Biology…they’ve covered many topics from Stem Cells, Hurricanes, Climate Change, etc.    Seed: Cribsheet Technorati Tags: eScience,Cribsheets