AGU 2012–Environment and large displays are fun

This week many of us from the Microsoft Research Earth, Energy and Science team are down at AGU2012 enjoying all that the American Geophysical Union’s 45th annual Fall Meeting has.  MSR has been a participant for many years and really enjoy connecting with scientists and researchers to discuss their scientific challenges.  In the Microsoft Research…


Big Compute comes to Windows Azure (via HPC Pack 2012)

Last week at SuperCompter2012, the Windows Azure team showed off it’s Big Compute support by placing in the Top 500 Supercomputer list.  You can get more details on it in Bill Hilf’s blog post – Windows Azure Benchmarks Show Top Performance for Big Compute   Today, we are pleased to announce the fourth release of…


Build 2012 on Channel 9–great streaming info

  Even if you weren’t able to get a registration for //Build/ 2012 – the streaming sessions are a great experience.  You can watch the sessions live, like the Azure sessions happening today – or the prerecorded sessions like Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 from yesterday.      Build 2012 | Channel 9


Fully data-constrained terrestrial carbon model – view and comment on the paper

If you’re interested in how carbon impacts the overall climate models – you’ll really be interested in the paper just published by Matthew Smith, et al – our Microsoft Researchers from our Computational Ecology and Environmental Science Group (CEES) in Cambridge England.  Not only can you view the paper, but can also provide comments and…


Continuing a Commitment to Carbon Disclosure

It’s really good to see Microsoft’s commitment to reducing the companies carbon footprint being recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project.  Continuing a Commitment to Carbon Disclosure Last week the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) issued its annual climate change report that ranks the greenhouse gas emissions of many of the world’s largest public companies. At Microsoft…


Rename file extension with PowerShell

Last week I ended up finding that one of my directories of pictures lost their file extensions – so I thought I’d spin up PowerShell in Win8 and see if I could remember how to do.   After a little trial and error I ended up with the following PowerShell Script – reminded me how…


Presenting around the world

I just finished a seminar presentation to Monash University while sitting in Redmond – the slides were presented using PowerPoint 2013 via Office Presentation Service a free way to control your presentation to anyone in the world.  While the PowerPoint broadcast feature has been included in previous versions of PowerPoint it’s really amazing how easy…


Windows Azure and SQL DB materials–curriculum and development

I just saw that some new Curriculum materials for Windows Azure and SQL Databases in the Faculty Connection – those are great resources for helping with teaching students, especially since no knowledge of Cloud Computing is required. Windows Azure and SQL Database Windows Azure and SQL Database (Instructor Supplement) It’s also good to see all…


Layerscape Tour: Malowane niebo–Beautiful

It’s inspiring to see someone take technology and combine with art and artistic abilities to make something beautiful.  I ran across the Layerscape Tour Maolwane niebo that combines artwork from children inspired by the skies and mythology.    Truly combing “IT technology with art, literacy, mythology” work from Dorota Sporysz-Kupras   Video of the WWT…


Fun with Cliplets–Video and Pics

For some Friday fun, I was playing with Cliplets from Microsoft Research – it let’s you combine still shots and video to create pictures that have movement.  Below I took some video while at Stanford on my cellphone and ran created a cliplet just to test it out – works really easy. What Are Cliplets?…