Learn Windows Azure Next Tuesday (Dec 13th)

Don’t miss the Learn Windows Azure event next Tuesday, Dec 13th…. Learn Windows Azure Next Tuesday (Dec 13th) Next Tuesday, Dec 13th we’ll be holding a special Learn Windows Azure training event for developers.  It will provide a great way to learn Windows Azure and what it provides.  You can attend the event either by…


"Data Explorer"– Clean, Mashup, and Publish your Science Data

Dealing with scientific data can be challenging – especially since it’s in many different formats, files etc.  The SQL Labs release of Microsoft Codename “Data Explorer” looks to be a tool that can help bring together many different data sets in a more straight forward way.  Not only is it an easy to use tool…


WorldWide Telescope and Kinect on really big screen at SC11

For the last couple of days at Supercomputer 2011 we’ve been demoing WorldWide Telescope being driven via Kinect for Windows – probably the single largest Kinect driven application out there.  While we’ve done something like this before (ie. Mix’11), this time we partnered with Scalable Display Technologies and NVIDIA to create a 18×7 foot single…


Develop with Python in Visual Studio, connect with Kinect and Excel

There is a new release of the Python Tools for Visual Studio and it includes Pyvot: a connector to Excel that allow data transfer and manipulation – check out the tutorial.  It also has a PyKinect, to leverage Kinect for new natural user interactions (NUIs)…  An integrated environment for developing Python in VS2010 PTVS 1.1…


The Fourth Paradigm book now available in Portuguese

Earlier today I had the pleasure to give the kickoff talk for the release of The Fourth Paradigm book in Portuguese.  Being able to highlight the thinking’s of Jim Gray on which the book is based and the scientists who wrote articles for the book was a real privilege for me. Thousand years ago –…


Big Data and LINQ in CACM

Just read the The World According to LINQ article in October’s Communications of the ACM – Erik Meijer does a really good job describing LINQ and how it can be used with Big Data from my different data sources – ie. DBs, REST services and other unstructured data sources…also describes the mathematical foundations of LINQ…….


.NET Bio: the new name for Microsoft Biology Foundation and now open source

Microsoft Research is putting .NET Bio, a bioinformatics toolkit into the Outercurve Foundation, allowing community involvement in the future of this open-source project. See the full post by Simon Mercer describing the transfer to Outercurve as a new Research Accelerator and the new functionality being included in this release. There is a training event this…


PDFs on Docs.com

I just realized that Docs.com has support for PDFs – so to test it out, I put up a copy of The Fourth Paradigm book MSR put out and the Silverlight viewer works great – no need for a plugin.  Try it out and see what you think…. Here’s the link to the original blog…


Back from time off…more fun to come

Today summer seemed to come to an end – the “marine layer” moved in from the coast and brought cool weather and clouds…so much for the last few weeks of nice sunny warm weather.  I’ve been off for the past few months and really tried to stay away from technology, email and blog posting…. There…


Pushing Data into WWT – via Excel and LCapi

Last week the Worldwide Telescope team put out some tools to support astronomy and earth-system science with a strong emphasis on time-series support and 3-D rendering.  This includes the beta release of new tools and SDK for WWT.  They include: WWT Excel Add-in WWT Client Layer Control API (LCapi) SDK WWT Excel Add-in – Excel…