Overview of the New Windows Live Essentials: Windows Live Photo Gallery

There are some really useful features in the new Windows Live Essentials preview – Paul’s blog posting on the new Windows Live Photo Gallery is spot on…Not only is the Facial recognition easy to use – but it’s fun looking at how family members faces/hair styles/etc change over time.  You can also create the perfect photo using Photo Fuse by taking parts of many different images and creating one image with all the best faces…

The New Windows Live Essentials Windows Live Photo Gallery

I've always been a fan of Windows Live Photo Gallery, and if I had to guess, this is likely the Essentials application that I use most often. It's always offered basic image editing capabilities--tools that are likely enough for about 95 percent of users--but in this new version, that functionality is dramatically expanded, as is the product's integration with other Windows Live products and services and, notably, with third party solutions as well. And if you're a Windows 7 user, Photo Gallery utilizes the underling Pictures library for image management, as it should.

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: The New Windows Live Essentials: Windows Live Photo Gallery

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