GrayWulf (on SQL Server) wins SC’08 Storage Challenge

Congratulations to Alex Szalay and his amazing team at JHU for winning the SC’08 Storage Challenge – with the entry GrayWulf:Scalable Clustered Architecture for Data Intensive Computing. GrayWulf – is implemented with SQL Server 2008 Abstract: Data intensive computing presents a significant challenge for traditional supercomputing architectures that maximize FLOPS since CPU speed has surpassed…


Thank-you Fargo!!!

So here I am in Austin attending SuperComputing’08 posting about WALL•E and WWT and then noticed that my post about needing someone from North Dakota to visit the blog has been fulfilled 🙂 – Thanks to Fargo – all 50 states are checked off 🙂 Some interesting facts about Fargo: The city’s average high temperature…


WALL•E’s Universe in WorldWide Telescope

Now this is fun science – Microsoft Research and Disney•Pixar team up to offer guided tours of the universe with WorldWide Telescope – how better to get our children interested in science and the universe – for most of us it was the Apollo Missions that interested in science and space, now WALL•E is a…


Windows HPC Server 2008 cracks Top 10 in Top 500 list

The latest Top 500 list was released at Supercomputing Conference (SC08) in Austin, Texas today and Windows HPC Server 2008 was part of the #10 placed machine [Dawning 5000A] from Shanghai Supercomputer Center.  This is the top machine outside of US – amazing job by the Windows HPC team.


HPC Server 2008 Experience Counts Academic Program

Great opportunity to get a special academic discount on Windows HPC Server 2008.   Windows® HPC Server 2008 Experience Counts Academic Program You know the value of high-performance computing (HPC). No matter the topic – the inner workings of the universe or the economy; the spawning of a hurricane or urban development – HPC has become…


Fun with Blog Maps – Oh North Dakota where are you?

It’s been a rainy Friday – so for fun I wanted to see how my WorldMap is doing.  I have hits from all 50 states, except North Dakota – so my challenge is how do I get one of the just over 640K residents to hit my blog….if you have any thoughts on it or…


University of Washington eScience Institute Rollout Event

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to participate and present at the UW eScience Institute kickoff event.  I really enjoyed the event and and the vision laid out by Ed Lazowska.  The talks by David Baker, Martin Savage and Andy Connolly really highlighted the need for resources to help in the eScience space.  While the…


Electric Vehicle Conversion Project

It’s great to run across professors that try ideas out – especially outside of their field.  Last week I was at Purdue University attending the Dept of Computing and Information Technology Industrial Advisory Board meeting – and found out about Mike Kane’s (heads up the Bioinformatics Lab) conversion of a ‘73 Bug to Electric for…