Photosynth in Silverlight

Very neat to see a experimental Silverlight viewer for Photosynth. Here’s one synth I did while at SC08 of the MS Booth

eScience Conference in Pictures

Here’s some pictures from the Microsoft eScience Workshop.  AutoCollage makes it easy to do 🙂


Document Interop – OpenXML to HTML

It’s good to see how the vision of the OpenXML document formats is being more fully realized, especially with the availability of tools from the Document Interoperability Initiative.  The latest ones being the Open XML Document Viewer that allows OpenXML to be viewed from HTML – it also includes a Firefox Plug-in that runs on…

eScience Unconference

Just finished up the Unconference event – bridging the Microsoft eScience Workshop and the IEEE e-Science Conference.  It was great fun  🙂 We ended up with Demos and discussions…and I really appreciate all the folks that participated.  Demos on: CaBig & .Net SciScope HubZero Acoustic Sensing of Koala Bears Discussions on: Clouds and/vs Grids What…

InfoMesa Project – Whiteboard for your data

One of neatest apps I’ve see lately is InfoMesa – a project by Sam Batterman – the example is InfoMesa allows any kind of data or visualization to be added to the Whiteboard.  The folks at RENCI are using it in their Social Computing Room (SCR) w/ a 360 degree desktop.  You can download the…


Interesting Papers from MSR – Nov 2008

Papers from the November 2008 drop Microsoft Research I found quite interesting. Txt-it Notes: Paper Based Text Messaging Stuart Taylor – November 2008 Text messaging or SMS (Short Message Service) has be-come a ubiquitous form of communication, particularly amongst the younger generations. However, older members of society (and technophobes in general) are often excluded from…


eScience 2008 Unconference Signup

The signup for the Unconference session at the 2008 eScience Conference is available.  Unconferences are participant driven events – so attendees get to decide what, who, gets to present.  This Unconference bridges the 2008 Microsoft eScience Conference and the 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science.  The Unconference will be Tuesday, December 9, 2008 7:00 P.M….


GrayWulf (on SQL Server) wins SC’08 Storage Challenge

Congratulations to Alex Szalay and his amazing team at JHU for winning the SC’08 Storage Challenge – with the entry GrayWulf:Scalable Clustered Architecture for Data Intensive Computing. GrayWulf – is implemented with SQL Server 2008 Abstract: Data intensive computing presents a significant challenge for traditional supercomputing architectures that maximize FLOPS since CPU speed has surpassed…


Thank-you Fargo!!!

So here I am in Austin attending SuperComputing’08 posting about WALL•E and WWT and then noticed that my post about needing someone from North Dakota to visit the blog has been fulfilled 🙂 – Thanks to Fargo – all 50 states are checked off 🙂 Some interesting facts about Fargo: The city’s average high temperature…