MSDN Nuggets

Just ran across the MSDN Nugget resource - I like the short takes on the topics and the ability to download them and watch them on the road. 

MSDN Nuggets

Don't have the time to read a 10-page how-to article or watch a full length webcast? Try an MSDN Nugget, a webcast that takes you step-by-step to discovering new functionality or exploring a hot developer topic, all in 10-15 minutes. View them online now or download for later reference.

Here are a couple of Nuggets I found interesting...

ASP.NET AJAX - Browser Compatibility

A look at browser compatibility in ASP.NET AJAX, showing a variety of features rendered in both IE and Firefox for comparison. In addition, what happens when the browser has JavaScript disabled?

Building a Custom Task Pane for the 2007 Microsoft Office System

A guide to building Custom Task Panes for the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Layout in WPF

Layout is one of WPF's fundamentals and can be used to create complex layouts which scale according to desktop contstraints. In this nugget, we look at the various types of Panels which enable developers to create elegant layouts in our applications.

Windows Workflow Foundation: Exposing Web Services

Workflow Foundation has built-in capabilities that allow a Workflow to be published as an ASP.NET Web Service - in this session we'll look at how this is done and how it works.

Windows Workflow Foundation: Using Persistence

It is possible to save Workflow Instances into a persistent format in order to save resources or to allow a Workflow host to be recycled. In this session we'll look at using the SQL Persistence Service to achieve this.

Source: MSDN Nuggets

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