Dinner with a View

Every once in a while you get the privilege to enjoy something you never would have imaged – tonight I was lucky enough to have this as my view for dinner.


Moved into new MSR building

It’s been a bit hectic for the last few weeks – which included moving into the new MSR building 99 on campus.  Microsoft Research Moves into New Headquarters On Nov. 12, Microsoft Research Redmond moved into a brand-new building on the company’s West Campus, adjacent to NE 148th Avenue in Redmond. Building 99, the new…


Microsoft Research SenseCam

Just heard the MSR Sensors and Device Group in Cambridge updated their SenseCam website with information on the latest version as well as all the great research happening around Alleviating Memory Loss with patients in early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.  This is great to see… Check out the article as well – Memorable Support for…


Supercomputing 07

Was at Supercomputing last week – overall the event went really well.  There was also a few announcements from the HPC team – the big one being the name and beta availability of Windows HPC Server 2008 and the new banners. Attended part of the Manycore and Multicore Computing: Architectures, Applications And Directions Workshop, which…


eScience group on Facebook

Early this week Savas and I were discussing social networking ideas and we decided to create a eScience group on Facebook to see if that would help bring the community together and share ideas.  Feel free to join


Dan Reed joins Microsoft Research

As Dan Reed say’s in his blog posting on coming to Microsoft Research – "It doesn’t get any cooler than this."…need I say more? On December 3, I will embark on the next installment of my own future, which will place me in the center of the ever-evolving computing revolution. On that day, I will…


Manycore and Multicore Workshop: Architectures, Applications And Directions

The Manycore and Multicore Workshop has a really good line-up of speakers – should be a good 1 1/2 days… John Manferdelli, Microsoft Corporation – Supercomputing and Mass Market Desktops Chuck Moore, AMD Corporation – The Role of Accelerated Computing in the Multi-core Era Jack Dongarra, Univ. of Tennessee – An Overview of High Performance…


MapCruncher Beta for Microsoft Virtual Earth

Just tested out the MapCrucher Beta for VE – it really runs great.  As soon as I get a few more cycles…I’ll post a couple of the maps I did… MapCruncher™ beta for Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ is a newly-released, innovative tool that allows anyone to import maps, layer them, and share them on a website…


PopFly open to Public Beta

It’s great to see that PopFly is now open to a larger audience via it’s public beta.  I especially like the PopFly mashup Deb Agarwal (Berkeley Water Center) did with the AmeriFlux datasets they are working with – a good example of how you can visualize scientific data.