MS eScience Workshop 2006 – Hold the date

Okay – it’s actually called the Microsoft Computational Science Workshop at Johns Hopkins University, but I’m still partial to the eScience Workshop title from last years workshop. Here’s the actual announcement – the registration should be available soon.

Announcing the Microsoft Computational Science Workshop at Johns Hopkins University

October 13-15, 2006

This workshop will provide a unique opportunity to share experiences, learn new techniques and influence the domain of scientific computing using Microsoft’s tools.  Attendees will learn first hand from early adopters using Microsoft technologies such as .NET, SQL Server, Office 2007, and web services to advance their research as well as explore in depth how modern database technologies are being applied to scientific computing.  By providing a forum for scientists and researchers to share their experience and expertise with the wider academic and research communities, this workshop aims to foster collaboration, facilitate the sharing of software components and techniques, and influence Microsoft technologies for data-intensive scientific computing.

Topics to be covered include:

    • Novel scientific applications using information technologies

    • Web Service-Based Applications

    • Science data analysis, mining, and Visualization

    • Smart Clients and novel user interfaces for scientists

    • Healthcare Informatics

    • Scientific Workflow Management

    • eScience Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development

    • Innovations in publishing scientific literature, results, and data

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