3D Journal on TabletPC

A pretty cool research project – 3D Journal Project – demostraing live 3–D sketching on Tablet PC from Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab

Paper – TerraServer Bricks – A High Availability Cluster Alternative

TerraServer Bricks – A High Availability Cluster Alternative – this is a really good paper on experiences on moving from a SAN to cheap storage “bricks” using SATA disks.  Food for thought for researchers with heavy data requirements..

Paint.NET – cool student project

Sat through a presentation on Paint.NET – really cool paint app built on .NET from students from WSU.  They are coming out with a 2.0 version on Dec 17th. 


Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data

This Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data, tool is great anytime you need to send presentations/documents to others…

Supercomputer 2004

Just returned from 3 days at Supercomputer 2004 (SC2004) – as usual a very impressive show.  Only downside was the show floor was cold – they couldn’t seem to get the heating/cooling correct.  Microsoft presented the forthcoming Windows Cluster Computing Edition product.   

Why use Databases in Science? paper

I really enjoyed Jim Gray (MSR) and Alex Szalay’s (JHU) paper – Where the Rubber Meets the Sky: Bridging the Gap between the Databases and Science Even though it’s aimed at database folks – it I see it being very valuable for the scientists as well. Looks like Dave Lifka already posted the link it to…

“love SOAP campaign”

Great to see someone having fun and getting into SOAP Love the message campaign I understand the need to think about legacy applications and that companies must keep their customers happy. So if customers want to use Web Services technologies in order to build their object-oriented systems, why not? Let’s encourage them (e.g., CORBA binding…


Cool .NET CF app

 I love seeing interesting uses of .NET CF…check out…SurvivorSoft @Sat Orbitor Locator Good review of the app at http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com/articles.php?action=expand,23094 @Sat Orbiter Locator+ by Survivorsoft lets you easily track space missions from the palm of your hand. Overview @Sat by Survivorsoft is a nice piece of software that quickly lets you check up on your favorite…

Grid on .NET – OGSI.Net code

If you’re interested in Grid computing and using .NET you can look at the OGSI.NET code from UVa…   This is the first version of OGSI.NET to feature *** full *** OGSI v1.0 spec compliance and implementations of all the OGSI v1.0 specification port types including notification, handle resolution and service groups.   Other features…