Welcome to my blog and my first blog entry

Well, it's time to write my first blog entry. Meanwhile, my computer is transforming in the background from an ugly workgroup server to a beautiful domain controller. Preparing to host a MOSS 2007 installation and give me countless hours of entertainment in the future to come.

The rest of my blog will probably not be as poetic as this one. But my intention is that it will not be strictly professional and that there will be room for funny cross links, strange episodes and other non work related topics.

And as english is my second language please have me excused for occationally misspellings and typos. But do let me know if something is totally bogus.

My first cross link will be to one of my former colleagues, who also work with SharePoint 2007. Currently his blog contains notes from a traning session he is attending in London. (Unfortuneately it is written in danish, but for those 5 mill. who can read it, there is a lot of usefull stuff there): http://bisbjerg.wordpress.com

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