Visual Studio 2008 sales promotions

In case you’re still on the fence as to whether you want to upgrade your Visual Studio Professional Edition to a Visual Studio Team Edition (Architecture, Development, or Test) or Visual Studio Team Suite, how does saving 30% and 45% off when you step up from Professional Edition with MSDN Premium to either Team Edition…


DSP for Oracle goes Beta

Quest Software’s database schema provider (DSP) for Oracle, codenamed TeamFuze, is now in public beta. The DSP allows independent software vendors to create a provider for non-Microsoft database to advantages of features in the Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Development. Features like database table and column refactoring, stored procedure unit testing, and sample data…


VSDB 2008 GDR R2 now available

The QFE (quick fix engineering) rollup release for Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR (General Distribution Release) is now available. Check out this blog article for how to get it and set it up. Read this blog article to learn what fixes are contained in this release. Excelsior! Technorati Tags: DBPro,VSTS2008


DSP for Oracle Announced at VSLive!

During the keynote at TechEd 2008, Brian Harry demonstrated DBPro working with a DB2 database. This capability is the result of IBM writing is DSP (Database Schema Provider) for DB2. At VSLive! in San Francisco, today, Feb  24, we announced the DSP for Oracle.  The DSP will allow Oracle Developers using Visual Studio Team System…


Webcasts: Visual Studio Technology Overviews

Over the next few months, my colleagues and I will be doing a number of webcasts covering different aspects of Visual Studio Team System. The schedule and topics are listed below. Hope you can make it. Date and Time Title and Link Description (on-demand recording available) Webcast Series: How to license and manage MSDN Subscriptions…


Visual Studio Sales Promotions

Team System Step-Up Promotion If you’ve been interested in Visual Studio Team Suite, now is a good time to upgrade. On December 1, 2008, we announced a promotion where you can upgrade Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Premium to any Visual Studio Team Edition (Architecture, Developer, or Tester) or Visual Studio Team Suite for 30%…


Adding DBPro to Your Dev Edition Installation

With last week’s announcement of DBPro being rolled into the Dev Edition, I’ve had some questions from customers on what it takes to get either edition installed with the other. VSTS DBPro and Dev Edition are add-in features that install and are accessed through the VS IDE. So what does it take to get either…


VSTS Developer Edition = VSTS Developer + DB Pro

Today we announced that Visual Studio Developer Edition and Database Edition (aka DB Pro or DataDude) are going to be one SKU as of October 1, 2008. This is probably one of the most common requests our product group has received since the DataDude was released. After all, how many enterprise development efforts don’t touch…


DBPro is almost ready to talk to other DBMSes

Announced at TechEd on Tuesday, June 3, during Bill Gates’ Keynote, Brian Harry showed up the first glimpse of DBPro supported another DBMS other than SQL Server. The first supported non-Microsoft DBMS for DBPro is IBM DB2. Similar to using a provider model for data access, the DBPro team has created a provider model for…


Get the Scoop on VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR on Channel 9

Speaking of Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition (aka DBPro), Gert Drapers was interviewed for Channel 9 and talked about the new General Distribution Release (GDR) for DBPro that was announced this week at TechEd 2008. You can read more about the features in Gert’s blog. Highlights: SQL Server 2008 Support, better DB unit…