Expression Studio 3 for MSDN Premium Subscribers

With last week’s release of Expression Studio 3, we’ve also made a change to which MSDN Subscribers got Expression Studio with their subscription. Expression Studio 3 is now available to ALL MSDN Premium subscribers. Prior to this last release, only subscribers with Visual Studio Team Suite with MSDN Premium were able to download Expression Studio….


Expression 3 is now Live!

Expression Studio 3 and Expression Web 3 60-day trial editions are now available for download. These tools will enable you design and development more richer looking .NET applications and coupled with Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services, you’ll be able deploy your applications to anyone who has a Silverlight player. If you haven’t already done…


Silverlight 3 Release and Expression 3 Announced

On Friday, July 10, we released Silverlight 3 to web. Version 3 of Silverlight definitely makes a lot more advances over Silverlight 2 for delivering rich internet applications (RIAs). Check out the Silverlight blog on the announcement its features. Now I say that Expression 3 was announced, not released. We’re currently in the Release Candidate…


Get 25% Off Microsoft Expression Professional Subscription Sales Promotion

Microsoft Expression is the brand name of our design and interactive media tools. It’s made up five different products: Expression Web Expression Blend Expression Design Expression Media Expression Encoder Expression Web is our tool for creating standards-based Web sites. It’s the next version of what used to be called FrontPage. Expression Blend is tool for…