//BUILD 2013 Announced

In case you were wondering when the next //BUILD conference would be, wait no longer! The //BUILD conference’s website was updated today letting the world know what the conference will be held in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center on June 23-28.

Registration will open at 9:00 AM PDT on April 2, 2013. Early bird registration (i.e., the first 500 registrants) is $1,595. Afterwards its $2,095.

For more information about the announcement, check out the Official Microsoft Blog.

Every //BUILD conference has been sold out within hours of registration opening. So if you think you want to go, you’d better ask your boss now and make sure you don’t have a meeting scheduled at 9 am PDT when registration opens otherwise you might not be able to log into the site to sign up.


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  1. Will we have a chance one day to see the Build event in Europe ? that wold be great for those who can not necessary be in US

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