Application Lifecycle Management in SharePoint 2010

As a developer, I never really spent a lot of time focusing on SharePoint. In the past, I would rather code it myself rather than try wrench my code to work with another platform. But as SharePoint has matured, I see a lot of possibilities of SharePoint as a platform to integrate with.

If you’re a SharePoint developers, you really need to check out this recent MSDN article on ALM and SharePoint:

Published: February 2011

Learn how to plan and manage Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 projects by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010. Also learn what to consider when setting up team development environments, establishing upgrade management processes, and creating a standard SharePoint development model.

Applies to: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 | Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 | SharePoint development tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 | Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 | Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010

Provided by: Vesa Juvonen, Microsoft Corporation | Chris Keyser, Microsoft Corporation


  • Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management in SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint Application Lifecycle Management: An Overview
  • Solution Packages and SharePoint Development Tools
  • Using SharePoint Designer 2010 as a Development Tool
  • Importing Solution Packages into Visual Studio 2010
  • Team Development Environment for SharePoint 2010: An Overview
  • Setting Up a Team Development Environment for SharePoint 2010
  • Models for Solution Lifecycle Management in SharePoint 2010


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