Office for Mac 2011 available in MSDN Subscriptions

MacOffice2011Today, we announced that Office for Mac 2011 Home and Business and Communicator for Mac 2011 will be included in all Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate with Subscription Levels. This is the first time since I’ve worked with MSDN subscriptions (which dates back pretty far) that Office for Mac has been included.

I have a lot of customer who use Macs as well as have PCs. So if you’re a Visual Studio 2010 Premium or Ultimate user, and you have use a Mac as well, you now have a copy of Office for Mac 2011 and Communicator for Mac 2011 that can be used for production purposes. This helps reduce your cost on the Office products for both Windows and Mac.

To learn more about the features in Office for Mac 2011, check out the following link:


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  1. Cosma van Dyck says:


    download not working, product key generation not working. i checked with two MSDN accounts and three machines in three networks. Google search confirms this error among other users… any update?


  2. Derek says:

    I am not sure if this is the right place, but I am facing a small issue with Outlook 2011 and the global address list. Unless you are VPN'd in and connected to the LDAP server, you cannot download the GAL. In the Windows version this is NOT a requirement, the GAL can be downloaded via the Exchange server. This was also the problem in Entourage, but there was a 3rd party Apple Script that let you look up names. Apple has managed to figure this out as the GAL is available in Apple Mail, in the Apple Address Book, etc. So what is the deal here. Do I have to open the LDAP/AD server for the GAL lookups for the Mac's only?

    Please let me know.



  3. TodK says:

    Looks like Communicator for Mac got pulled from MSDN Subscriptions – MSDN Support indicates that its not available to MSDN Users.  Any reason why?

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