VB Team and Mobile GPS sample

I recently bought a road bike to get outside more and breath more of the smog filled Southern California air. Being a gadget guy, I’ve been looking at getting a GPS-enabled speedometer, like the Garmin Edge 305 or above. I track my workouts using MapMyRide.com and while using that site, they offer a number of free iPhone apps to use the device’s internal GPS to almost do the same thing the Garmin units do. So being a programmer, I’ve been trying to come up with my own similar application for my Windows phone. Not having coded any serious applications in a couple of years, I’m not as fast I use to be, so I’m constantly looking for sample applications to piece things together.

One site that really inspired me was Windows Mobile MVP Chris Craft’s 30 Windows Mobile apps in 30 Days. There are a number of applications he wrote that could make up the applications I wanted to build.

However, just recently, on the Visual Basic Team Blog, Matt Gertz, wrote a couple of articles about writing a GPS application in Visual Basic [.NET] for the Windows Phone.

After reading them, I’m definitely inspired to finished the application. You never know, after I finish rebuilding one of my systems with Windows 7, I just might finish the application. Stay tuned.


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