Brian Harry’s presentation to the Linked .NET Users Group

In case you missed Brian Harry’s presentation at the Linked .NET Users Group on VSTS 2010, you can download the replay from their web site at

According the LiveMeeting console, it showed that were 357 attendees watching the webcast, but I’m sure that number was a lot more if people gathered in a conference room to watch it.

It was a really good presentation because he actually showed of some of the latest VSTS bits and you can see the WPF influence in the IDE. Pretty exciting stuff! So sign up for Linked .NET Users Group and download the webcast for yourself.


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  1. Brian Madsen says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the plug and for letting your readers know that we’ve uploaded the recording of the meeting.

    There’s one thing i’d like to stress though – our presentations are not just a web cast – it’s an actual virtual presentation – where you (the attendee) can pose questions which will be forwarded to the presenter.

    So, same as what goes for a physical user group – interaction…

    This will become really evident when we have Scott Guthrie present on the 11th of May, 2009, where the idea is to actually ask questions of The Gu…

    This is a first-of-its-kind event for virtual communities, to have The Gu around for a bit of Q&A!

    Lastly – at the Scott Guthrie event we’ll be giving away an awesome prize as well – a full 1 year MSDN Premium VSTS subscription, worth about $10,000+).—The-Gu-talks-shop-with-developers.aspx

    Anyways, the number of attendees is a little bit inaccurate as we had 5 Microsoft Partners participating via the conference line – they only counted as 5 but i’m certain there were a lot more than 1 person in there.

    Again, thanks for bringing out the word – we need more of that!


    Brian H. Madsen

    Microsoft MVP Visual Developer ASP.Net

    Group Manager – Linked .Net Users Group

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