Windows Home Server on MSDN

It’s taken a while for this to become a reality, but Windows Home Server (WHS) is now available via your MSDN subscription. This has been a key request from customers ever since WHS was launched. By making it available via MSDN, it will will help IT Pros try out WHS and for the ISV (independent software vendors) to build new add-ins and solutions on top of the WHS platform.

When you log into your MSDN subscription, the download links can be found under Operating Systems (not Servers … go figure).


Power Pack 2 is also here!

The WHS Power Pack 2 was also made available today for download via the Windows Update service. Power Packs are a combination of bug fixes as well new features and enhancements to WHS. (Funny…Power Packs sound a lot like Service Packs don’t they?)

For a complete rundown of the features and enhancements in Power Pack 2, check out WHS MVP Phillip Churchill’s blog.


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  1. Een paar dagen geleden werd bekend dat je Windows Home Server nu ook kunt downloaden als je beschikt

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