SmallBasic – GW-Basic for a Windows World

When I first learned to program, I learned on an Apple II+ using Applesoft BASIC. I first started out just by retyping in the program listings I found in Creative Computing and then started to realize that I understand the syntax and what it all meant. I’ve followed BASIC in its various incarnations through the…


Test Case Management in VSTS 2010 (Part 1)

One area of software development I’m really passionate about is Quality Assurance. Why? After all, if it compiles successfully, it’s going to work, right? Besides, there’s always time to fix it in the next release. Well, when you ship software that people pay for and your the sole developer, you can’t afford have that mentality….


Partner Conference in Irving, TX: AgileDotNet Conference 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008 | Irving, TX Improving Enterprises in conjunction with Microsoft and the Dallas C# SIG invite you to an exciting, FREE, one-day event to bring together the world of Microsoft .NET development with the world of Agile methods. Designed for both those experienced with Agile techniques and for those new to them,…


Partner Seminar in Northern California: Microsoft Agile and Scrum Essentials

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 | Mountain View, CA | Event ID: 1032388623 Agile methods are a set of development processes intended to create software in a lighter, faster, more people-centric way. Many development teams have adopted "agile" methodologies to manage change and to improve software quality. These methodologies promote continuous integration as a practice to…


MSDN Developer Conferences in 11 Cities

If you weren’t able to attend the PDC last week, the MSDN Developer Conferences are now open for registration. These conferences will have sessions that were covered at the PDC and the topics will focus on: Cloud Services; Client and Presentation; and Tools, Languages and Frameworks. The cost of this event is $99. Check out…


PDC is over…time to get back to work

I was able to attend the PDC this year. I haven’t attended one since 2001 when the development changed with the formal announcement of Hailstorm. Well, Hailstorm didn’t change development…it never even saw the light of day after PDC 2001. What changed the landscape back then was the announcement of .NET. Seven years later, .NET…