VSTS Developer Edition = VSTS Developer + DB Pro

Today we announced that Visual Studio Developer Edition and Database Edition (aka DB Pro or DataDude) are going to be one SKU as of October 1, 2008. This is probably one of the most common requests our product group has received since the DataDude was released. After all, how many enterprise development efforts don't touch a database?

So what does bring these two products into one SKU mean to you? If you currently have VSTS Developer Edition or VSTS Database Edition, on October 1, when you log into MSDN will be able to download the other edition and install it on top of your current VSTS installation.

For those of you one the fence as to whether you should get the Developer Edition or Database Edition, now your choice is easy...just get the Developer Edition and you get DBPro.

With that said, the Developer Edition and the Database Edition will continue to be two separate installation packages until Rosario is released. When Rosario ships, that's when they'll make it one install.

As we get closer to the PDC at the end of October, you can expect a lot of announcements about the upcoming Rosario release and even .NET Framework 4.0.

Cool stuff!


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  1. Visual Studio Team System Developer Edition and Database Edition are now merged

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