.Net Developers Update – DBPro Webcast Replay

On May 23, I did a webcast for the .NDU on Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition. All .NDU webcasts are recorded, so in case you weren't able to attend them live or want to see any part that you missed, here's a link to my session.

I always try to provide a slide with links for more information. The links I referenced in this presentations were:

A correction in a comment I made about the SQL Static Analysis warning: after further examination, the warning was regarding asterisk syntax (*, *=, =*) for the Join in the SELECT statement is for legacy Sybase Join syntax that is depreciated in SQL Server, which is way it showed up as a warning. [Thanks, Rob].

In case you're interested, the .NDU sessions for June will cover C++ presented by members of the VC++ Product Team:

  • Visual Studio for C++ (6/13/2008)
  • Microsoft's Investments in C++ (6/20/2008)

Until next time...Excelsior!

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