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LINQ is really cool and is "baked" into the .NET 3.5 framework, so much so, that you don't have to add the LINQ to your References because its inlcuded with your project. When you create a new project, the System.XML.Linq is right there. Your fingers never have to leave your mouse or keyboard.

That's a lot of good (and bad) information about LINQ on the Net. There's obviously the Channel 9 videos you can watch, but out on ASP.NET, Scott Stanfield has created some great LINQ to SQL videos for the ASP.NET site. Also the VB Team had created their own set of videos to cover LINQ. You can watch them here.

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    been having a great experience with LINQ so far, but i have yet to benchmark it and thats what’s kind of giving me this nagging feeling in the back of my mind.  People have been reporting some performance hits (take with a grain of salt) of up to 500% in the early LINQ CTP.  Supposedly with some optimization and the use of Compiled Queries this will speed up some – I’m crossing my fingers.

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