Tying VS Team Foundation Server and Project Server 2007 together

As part of Application Lifecycle Development (ALM), one needs to have a way to tie application development efforts with the entire project plan overseen by a project manager. Since Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) was released, the connection between development tasks and overall project tasks were missing.

A TFS and Project Server 2003 connector was made available In the GotDotNet community; however, people trying to use it found little guidance on how to properly implement it. It seemed like only a number of Microsoft Services consultants and other Microsoft partners knew how to properly install, customize, and implement the connector.

With customers adopting Project Server 2007 and looking it implement Project Portfolio Server 2007 so their for PMO (Project Management Office) can start looking at their project and line of business needs is a more holistic manner, the need to tie development tasks identified in a project plan to TFS for greater project transparency has become a greater need.

Today, the Microsoft Office Project team, with Microsoft Services, announced the release of a new VS TFS and Project Server 2007 connector available on CodePlex.

For the official announcement, visit the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 blog:


For the link to the connector at CodePlex, use:

Project Link: http://www.codeplex.com/pstfsconnector

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