Build 2015 Azure 関連のレポート

4/29 – 5/1 にサンフランシスコで開催された //build に参加してきましたので私の担当である Azure のブレイクアウト セッションについてまとめておきます。ちなみに Azure メインのセッションだけでも 40 ほどありました。



■ 新サービス関連(10)
App Service や Service Fabric など最近発表された新サービスの全貌が漸く公開されました。

- The Next Generation of Azure Compute Platform with Mark Russinovich
- Running Web and Mobile Apps on Azure App Service
- Azure App Service Architecture
- Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Architecture
- Azure API Apps for Web, Mobile and Logic Apps
- Go Mobile! Login, Sync Data, and Connect to Enterprise APIs with Azure App Service
- Deploying and Managing Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric
- Building Resilient, Scalable Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric
- Logic Apps
- When Bad Things Happen to Good Apps: Troubleshooting Applications on Azure App Service

■Tool & Deploy (7)
ツールの進化も目覚ましいです。最新の Azure SDK 2.6 が公開されて App Service や Resource Manager などにも対応しています。

- Diagnosing Issues with Cloud Applications Hosted in Azure IaaS and PaaS Using Visual Studio
- What's New for Azure Developers in Visual Studio and Azure SDK
- Agile Development in Practice: Tips and Tricks for Modernized Development Cycle
- Deploying Complex Open Source Workloads on Azure
- Thinking in Containers: Building a Scalable, Next-Gen Application with Docker on Azure
- Managing Cloud Environment and Application Lifecycle Using Azure Tools and Visual Studio Online
- Lessons From Scale: Building Applications for Azure

Data (6)

- Modern Data on Azure
- Building Highly Scalable and Available SaaS Applications with Azure SQL Database
- Building Data Analytics Pipelines Using Azure Data Factory, HDInsight, Azure ML and More
- Using Azure Search to Build Great Search Experiences in Mobile and Web Apps
- Build the Next Big Thing with Azure’s NoSQL Service: DocumentDB
- Azure Storage for Developers: Overview and New Capabilities

■IoT (4)

- Internet of Things Overview
- Best Practices for Creating IoT Solutions with Azure
- Azure IoT Security
- Gaining Real-Time IoT Insights using Azure Stream Analytics, AzureML and PowerBI


■ ID (4)
- Azure Active Directory: Identity Management as a Service for Modern Applications
- Develop Modern Native Applications with Azure Active Directory
- Cloud Authentication Troubleshooting and Recipes for Developers
- Develop Modern Web Applications with Azure Active Directory


■ Management (3)
- Managing Azure Applications Using the New Azure Portal
- Building Network Aware Applications Using Azure Resource Provider (RP)
- Azure Resource Manager


■ IaaS (2)
逆にインフラ関連は新情報はあまりありません。 Ignite では
- Azure Virtual Machines Deep Dive
- Introduction and What’s New in Azure IaaS


■ Media (2)
- Azure Media Services Developer Deep Dive
- What's New in Azure Media Services this Year: Indexer, Player, and Live Encoder


■ Office (1)
- Office 365 and Azure: A Developer's Guide for Maximizing the Cloud


■ Magnetizing (1)
- Building and Monetizing Applications through Microsoft Azure Marketplace






ブチザッキ //build/ Day 1 Keynote

[速報]マイクロソフト、クラウドのデータ分析基盤「SQL Data Warehouse」発表。Amazon RedshiftにBuild 2015 で SQL Database 関連でいくつかの発表がありましたので気になったものを対抗。Build 2015

[速報]無限のデータ容量で大量データを保存「Azure Data Lake service」発表。HDFS APIでHadoop用分析ツールが利用可能


Build 2015 で SQL Database 関連でいくつかの発表がありましたので気になったものを


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