VSTSMMD requirements

Not long ago, I posted about the new version of the Management Model Designer. One thing I did not post was the requirements, and since I’ve been asked a few times now, I thought I best blog it. The designer will require VSTS2008 (yes that is Team System as in Team Architect, Team Developer etc)….


LINQ and WCF Syndication

I must admit, having survived the last 22 data access technologies, I’m really liking LINQ. The fact that I can use LINQ to query just about anything, against just about any data source is pretty cool. Lists and Arrays beware. Nested Correlated sub-queries are near – I also love to hear Luca speak about it….



It was my great pleasure to chat with Carl and Richard earlier this week on www.dotnetrocks.com. The show is entitled "David Aiken on Bridging the Gap between Dev and IT" and talks about working with IT Pros to build better managed applications, some of the technologies and strategies you can adopt to make it easier…


New Year = Models, Code Discovery and Management Pack Generation

Some of you may have already seen the existing Management Model Designer from http://www.codeplex.com/dfo or seen the channel 9 screen casts The DFO Show – Designing a Health Model with the Visual Studio Management Model Designer or The DFO Show – Implementing a Health Model with the Visual Studio Management Model Designer. Well we’ve been…


Test Drivin’ and installin

I’ve been on vacation – which really means I haven’t done any work for the last few weeks. Now I’m back and working on a super cool project, which I will share in a few weeks. The project involves writing some code which is not part of DinnerNow! (Although we did drop an Orcas Beta…


Visual Studio Management Model Designer on Channel 9

Today I posted the 2nd of 2 short screencasts on using the Visual Studio Management Model Designer (VSMMD). The first screencast shows how you can use the tool to design a management model. The second screencast shows how you can use the model to generate implementation code. Our first big test for customers is in 12…

Announcing the Visual Studio Management Model Designer VSMMD

Today we got one step closer to building manageable applications. On codeplex, right now, is the bright shiney new Visual Studio Management Model Designer. The designer, available on Codeplex at http://www.codeplex.com/dfo , is built upon the Visual Studio DSL. The designer allows Architects to describe a health model including defining Managed Entities, Aspects and Health…


Windows PowerShell in the Longhorn Server box

I know, i know. It was announced 2 days ago at MMS Windows PowerShell will be in the box on Longhorn Server. (I sometimes do things that have nothing to do with Powershell). Rejoice and be merry. THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS NO RIGHTS

Technology Leaders Submit Modeling Specification to the World Wide Web Consortium

So SML has now been submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SML, or Service Modeling Langauge, defines a consistent way to communicate how networks, applications servers and other IT resources are described, or modeled, in XML. SML is a fundamental building block of DSI and its standardization is significant. The idea behind SML…


MMS 2006

The Microsoft Management Summit 2006 (MMS) is hosted in San Diego this year and is the only conference that focuses entirely on management with over 3,000 attendees.   Bob Muglia opened the show with a keynote. Here are the key highlights:   ·         The new name for Monad is Windows Powershell, which will ship Q4…