64bit DinnerNow, testing, Virtual Server and Hyper-V

A few people have asked questions about, or have had trouble installing the latest version of DinnerNow on 64bit Vista machines. I thought I’d take some time out to explain the 64bit story and how you can get things going. First, we don’t support 64bit in the installation. We do support Vista, Vista SP1 and…


Happy Birthday DinnerNow

It’s just over 1 year since we released the first version of DinnerNow to the Web, and I’m proud to announce today we have released DinnerNow version 2.5 – which targets the .net framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008. If you are not familiar with DinnerNow, check out www.dinnernow.net for more info. So what’s new…


LINQ and WCF Syndication

I must admit, having survived the last 22 data access technologies, I’m really liking LINQ. The fact that I can use LINQ to query just about anything, against just about any data source is pretty cool. Lists and Arrays beware. Nested Correlated sub-queries are near – I also love to hear Luca speak about it….


Dinnernow at the LEAP Conference

Yesterday I presented twice a 3 hour session on DinnerNow.NET to Lead Enterprise Architects at the LEAP Conference. The session walked through our DinnerNow.Net demo (see www.dinnernow.net) and talked some about the architecture, history and a whopping 1 hour demo. Since the deck contains some pictures of DinnerNow and juicy bits on the next version,…


Windows Powershell and Windows Mobile SDK?

Had the pleasure of demonstrating the Windows Mobile part of DinnerNow to a Windows Mobile PM. During the demo, I loaded up Visual Studio 2008, and started the emulator ready for the mobile app. It turns out you don’t need to launch VS to start the emulator, in fact you can do it using the…


Test Drivin' and installin

I’ve been on vacation – which really means I haven’t done any work for the last few weeks. Now I’m back and working on a super cool project, which I will share in a few weeks. The project involves writing some code which is not part of DinnerNow! (Although we did drop an Orcas Beta…


Love for the VSMMD @ TechEd

For me, TechEd 07 is almost over – I’ve finished my speaking duties, now its just networking, hanging out at the TLC and attending some sessions. (and catching up with emails). Some good news appeared in my mailbox this morning, after our session DEV 311, which you can see a recording of here. Scott Fulton,…


Dinnernow Video on Channel 9

Hot off the tracks of our DinnerNow 1.3 release to codeplex and out Orcas release. Comes a Channel 9 video with the team that made DinnerNow. So now you can watch the video, download the code AND the 8 hands on labs. BTW, you don’t need DinnerNow installed to use the hands on labs. THIS POSTING…


DinnerNow.NET - Ship Happens

Today, at 7pm, we made the final release version of DinnerNow.NET. Its been a long road from James Conard’s early ideas to the finished package. What is DinnerNow.NET? DinnerNow is a fictious marketplace where customers can order food from local restaurants for delivery to their home or office. The sample is designed to demonstrate how…


What have you got on Your Box?

Do you know what software you have installed on your box? We’ve been working over the last few months on a completely awesome demo called DinnerNow.NET. The Demo showcases many newly released Microsoft technologies including Cardspace, WCF, WF and Windows PowerShell. One problem we constantly faced was people trying to load the demo on their…