New Channel 9 Tag: VS2008+Training+KIT

Now we are pushing out the videos from the Visual Studio training kit, we have created (thanks to Charles) a new tag, VS2008+Training+Kit. What it means is i can now just view everything on that tag at THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS NO RIGHTS


Cooking with powerShell

Oh My! I just received a copy of Lee Holmes Windows PowerShell Cookbook. The book is 429 pages of juicy mouth-watering recipes for anything from how to write loops, to accessing remote registry access. There are then 90 pages of reference including Regular expressions and WMI. A great book. I suggest you purchase several copies…


VS2008 Virtual Lab available on MSDN

You can now take one of the Hands on Labs from the Visual Studio 2008 training kit on MSDN Virtual Labs. The lab is Building Web Applications with Visual Studio 2008 and you can access it via this link  Enjoy. THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS NO RIGHTS


Visual Studio 2008 training Kit now Available

Today we released the Visual Studio 2008 Training kit. You can download it right now from The Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit includes presentations, hands-on labs, and demos. This content is designed to help you learn how to utilize the Visual Studio 2008 features and a variety of framework technologies…


Windows Powershell and Windows Mobile SDK?

Had the pleasure of demonstrating the Windows Mobile part of DinnerNow to a Windows Mobile PM. During the demo, I loaded up Visual Studio 2008, and started the emulator ready for the mobile app. It turns out you don’t need to launch VS to start the emulator, in fact you can do it using the…


SML & SML-IF working Drafts Published to W3C

The first public working draft of SML and SML-IF has been published today on the W3C site. SML: SML-IF: This is the first step towards getting the spec accepted as a W3C recommendation. More information on this can be found at: THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS…


Test Drivin’ and installin

I’ve been on vacation – which really means I haven’t done any work for the last few weeks. Now I’m back and working on a super cool project, which I will share in a few weeks. The project involves writing some code which is not part of DinnerNow! (Although we did drop an Orcas Beta…


Hosting Windows PowerShell Part 3 – The Revenge of the MMC

I’ve just posted the final screencast on hosting Windows PowerShell to Channel 9. In the final part, I show how you can build an administration GUI using MMC, which calls into PowerShell Cmdlets. In the video, I show Get-Service and Stop-Service – but they could have easily been your own Cmdlets. I’m ramping up some…


More Hosting PowerShell on Channel9

I’ve just posted the 2nd of 3 screeencasts to channel 9 on hosting Windows PowerShell. This time I show you how to get at the typed base objects returned from an invoke, then how to create a custom host to allow full GUI interaction. Reminder, you can find the code to all 3 parts in the…


Hosting Windows PowerShell Sample Code

Having posted the first of three screencasts to channel 9 on Hosting Windows PowerShell, I thought i would make the code available. (attached) Enjoy THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS NO RIGHTS