Configuring a Visual Studio 2005 Environment for Windows PowerShell

In an attempt to live inside the Windows Powershell shell as much as possible, i figured i would need a way to use powershell to do .NET Framework command line things such as “InstallUtil” and “MSBuild”. After very little digging, it was clear i needed to create a Windows PowerShell profile and update the environment…


Windows PowerShell Launches

Windows PowerShell launched today in a keynote at IT Forum conference in Barcelona, Spain. Windows PowerShell is the new command shell and scripting language that will make administration and automation much easier and faster. If you have not tried Windows Powershell yet, why not? You can get the release version at . With Windows…


Get Windows Live Writer Right NOW

Call me slow or old fashioned, but i’ve just seen, downloaded and started using Windows Live Writer – see more at  THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS NO RIGHTS


Windows PowerShell meets Amazon S3 – sneak peak

Amazon S3 services allow you to store “objects” in an highly available network storage, that can be accessed from anywhere. You are charged for storage, and accessing the data. To use it, you build your own application that uses the S3 web service. For the next DFO show i have been working on a…


Enterprise Library Management Extensions

Patterns and Practices have recently released the extensions to enterprise library that provide both WMI and Group Policy support. For WMI see For Group Policy see  WMI at the moment is read-only, following the WMI support in the .net framework, however the Group Policy is fully implemented and rocks. What does Group…


The DFO Show

I’ve just posted the 2nd DFO show to channel 9. See The first show demonstrates a typical LOB application that has not “Design for Operations” qualities, i.e. it has no way to let administrators know if the application is working or not, and no support for administration either. The 2nd show is a quick…


Developers and Operations working together – whatever next?

  Working in the DSI world, one of the challenges in improving an applications existence in the data center is making sure the application has the correct instrumentation.   What do we mean by the correct instrumentation?   The simplest answer is that the instrumentation should be useful for the target audience. So who is…


MMS 2006

The Microsoft Management Summit 2006 (MMS) is hosted in San Diego this year and is the only conference that focuses entirely on management with over 3,000 attendees.   Bob Muglia opened the show with a keynote. Here are the key highlights:   ·         The new name for Monad is Windows Powershell, which will ship Q4…