Cooking at TechEd Orlando

It's great fun being an evangelist.

3 years ago I would have attended a TechEd talk about ".net end to end" and thought, I could do that - now I am! 

Along with my co-chef Matt, we are presenting ".NET Framework 3.0 End-to-End: Putting the Pieces Together" (which is also being webcast live!).

The session walks though some of the technologies in the .net framework 3.0 that we used to build the DinnerNow sample application, everything from WPF and AJAX - through WCF and WF to PowerShell and Management Packs - why we did what, what works well together and how we made it manageable. Not only that, we'll be wearing our offical DinnerNow outfits. We are very excited to be presenting this session and hope you can join us in person or via the webcast.

What is even cooler (for you perhaps) is we are also hiring - so if you want to join the team that made DinnerNow - follow the crumbs, take the red pill.

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