Technology Leaders Submit Modeling Specification to the World Wide Web Consortium

So SML has now been submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SML, or Service Modeling Langauge, defines a consistent way to communicate how networks, applications servers and other IT resources are described, or modeled, in XML. SML is a fundamental building block of DSI and its standardization is significant.

The idea behind SML is quiet simple. If you can model some knowledge about an application, a service, an SLA, a Router, a OS, Hardware, Maintenance Windows, Security Policy... basically anything... and you store this knowledge/model in a format that is a standard and consumable by software - you can then use software to act upon the knowledge held in the model.

For example, if you stored depedency information in a model, then that model could be used to test the computer meets the requiremens for the application. Simple, yes.

Why SML? Well suppose you wanted to provide Microsoft Operations Manager with monitoring information, Microsoft Configuration Manager with configuration settings etc. you could build tools to generate specific Ops Mgr or Config Mgr documents - this would take time and require specific knowledge of both products.

Or you could simply generate SML. See picture.

That's the idea. Today we have some of the starting blocks in place. Tomorrow....


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  1. On February 27th the W3C web consortium recieved a submission for the Service Modeling Language…

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