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Only the blog has moved. I still work for Microsoft. See for more.

Visual Studio Team System Management Model Designer Power Tool (TSMMD) Ships

Visual Studio Team System Management Model Designer Power Tool (TSMMD) v2.0 CTP is now live at This project has two deliverables. First is the Visual Studio Team System Management Model Designer Power Tool (TSMMD). TSMMD is a tool for modeling line-of-business health scenarios and the associated instrumentation. The tool includes guidance packages that generate…


64bit DinnerNow, testing, Virtual Server and Hyper-V

A few people have asked questions about, or have had trouble installing the latest version of DinnerNow on 64bit Vista machines. I thought I’d take some time out to explain the 64bit story and how you can get things going. First, we don’t support 64bit in the installation. We do support Vista, Vista SP1 and…

Happy Birthday DinnerNow

It’s just over 1 year since we released the first version of DinnerNow to the Web, and I’m proud to announce today we have released DinnerNow version 2.5 – which targets the .net framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008. If you are not familiar with DinnerNow, check out for more info. So what’s new…


Keith Pleas shows Design for Operations

Not long after my appearance on .NET Rocks – my good friend Keith appears on show 100 of .Net Rocks TV – – talking about and demonstrating the TSMMD. Check out the show and, yes go and watch the other 99 episodes too. THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS…


VSTSMMD requirements

Not long ago, I posted about the new version of the Management Model Designer. One thing I did not post was the requirements, and since I’ve been asked a few times now, I thought I best blog it. The designer will require VSTS2008 (yes that is Team System as in Team Architect, Team Developer etc)….


LINQ and WCF Syndication

I must admit, having survived the last 22 data access technologies, I’m really liking LINQ. The fact that I can use LINQ to query just about anything, against just about any data source is pretty cool. Lists and Arrays beware. Nested Correlated sub-queries are near – I also love to hear Luca speak about it….


How much do you love PowerShell?

Here is someone who possibly loves Windows PowerShell more than I do. Check out THIS POSTING IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTIES, AND CONFERS NO RIGHTS SO THERE


Dinnernow at the LEAP Conference

Yesterday I presented twice a 3 hour session on DinnerNow.NET to Lead Enterprise Architects at the LEAP Conference. The session walked through our DinnerNow.Net demo (see and talked some about the architecture, history and a whopping 1 hour demo. Since the deck contains some pictures of DinnerNow and juicy bits on the next version,…



It was my great pleasure to chat with Carl and Richard earlier this week on The show is entitled "David Aiken on Bridging the Gap between Dev and IT" and talks about working with IT Pros to build better managed applications, some of the technologies and strategies you can adopt to make it easier…