Customize the background colour of Office 2010 tiles on the Start screen

Did you know on Windows 8.1 you can customize the Start screen tiles for any shortcut to an executable (.exe) file? It’s true! Here is what the Office 2010 tiles look like normally: If you’re like me and cling to Office 2010 but find the Windows-generated tile background colours distracting or too bright, you can…


Using VHD Native Boot with UEFI Firmware – bcdedit vs bcdboot

Recently my team switched to a new internal tool that allows us to reimage our computers from daily Windows builds in the WIM format. Previously we were largely responsible for our own reimaging and given a broad latitude in how we switched between OS installs – some people use Hyper-V VMs, some use dedicated bootable…


Hello, World

I’ll be writing about Visual Studio’s Blend and its HTML design tools, and anything that interests me in the Microsoft and Windows ecosystem. Your feedback is important, so please contact me if you have any questions or problems with Microsoft Blend or Visual Studio.