DocZoom, Cool Silverlight DeepZoom based E-doc management commercial solution of Korea.

I’m so delighted to introduce DocZoom” solution, the cool Silverlight DeepZoom based “commercial” E-document management solution of Korea.

DocZoom enhances the usage of electrical documents as users can easily access electrical documents with more flexibility over the limitation of a normal solution, which is standardized by Full Silverlight DeepZoom technologies.

It’s commercial solution for E-Book management system and development company already sold this solution several companies include government county office.

Also, I believe this solution does shows how Silverlight DeepZoom technology enhancing experience of E-Book solutution.

clip_image002 clip_image004

clip_image006 clip_image008

Doc Zoom & Docflow screen images.

[DocZoom Solution DEMO & DEMO steps]

DocFlow document management system of Korean country “Songpal” office sample.


“MapZoom” solution for tourist of “KwangGyo mountain”.


”ShopZoom” solution for Digital Shop E-Book brochure


“PhotoFlow” photo album sample


Just upload Office format or XPS, PDF to server and then server system *automatically* generate Silverlight DeepZoom format.

Also, user can attach additional interactive information such like video, link and sound on the document.

Developer company :


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