Open Source UGC project of Korea, UCCLight

UCCLight Open Source Project


UCCLight DEMO Video

Full media service with Microsoft Technologies
UCCLight project developed by “” community open source project made by Microsoft technologies, product and services.

Media Encoding
Automation encoding by Microsoft Expression Encoder 2 SDK. End-user can upload various format of media to encoding server and it transcoding to WMV, Silverlight format.

Silverlight media player
Silverlight support WMV, VC-1 codec. This open source project implemented Silverlight 2 based media player and populate user information with WCF(Windows Communication Foundation) from Server.

ASP.NET Web site
UCCLight website built on ASP.NET technology. User can upload media and list media from it. Also, web site connect to database, SQL Server 2008 database with LINQ to SQL technologies

Additional information
Windows Server 2008 and IIS7(Internet Information Server) media pack, UCCLight does using Bit Rate Throttling and server-site playlist for enhanced media service.

Source code download, demo site and project information
You can download full source code, below Microsoft codeplex link.

UCCLight source code download :

UCCLight Demo site(Locate in Korea) :

Install guide :
Check Codeplex link, Release information.

License information
For your information, this is open source project. For using commercial purpose, you should contact UCCLight project leader, “Kyoung Hoon Park”(

Product & Technologies 
Silverlight 2
Expression Encoder 
Windows Server 2008
IIS 7 Media Pack
SQL Server 2008

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